Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Kerry Dohan who is our January Employee of the Month !!

Kerry plays a big part in our events team and recently completed her first supervisory role throughout “Christmas at the Botanics” Edinburgh’s annual light show event.
She communicated well with the office, was proactive about her rotas, and her feedback was that she briefed the team very well.

She correctly dealt with a wide range of issues including inclement weather and consequently staff welfare. 
Not only did Kerry make sure all the staff were looked after at the site, she also extended this to all visitors on site resulting in lovely compliments from her customers: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=1164407700968157&set=a.1031266357615626

Kerry is happy to travel all over the country covering a wide range of shifts, from retail to football to golfing tournaments. She has also shown a keen interest in her continual personal development and has signed up for all recent training Security Scotland have on offer. 

Friendly, helpful and fun to work with, Kerry has made an excellent addition to the Security Scotland team. Well done Kerry!!

#EmployeeOfTheMonth #SecurityScotlandEOTM