Hostile Awareness

The internal course is counter terrorism focused and goes into greater detail on specific behaviours, traits, and the suspicious activity of potential terrorists. 

The topics covered included:

• Threat Levels

• Hostile Reconnaissance

• Behaviours

• Baselining

• Deterrence

• Conformity

• Hostile Mindset

The course was compiled and delivered by a former Police Scotland Counter Terrorism Tactics Trainer, resulting in the content and methods being both accurate and very current.

The timely roll out of the course is parallel with the impending Protect Duty legislation which will come into effect later this year.

Protect Duty, now to be known as Martyn’s Law, will assist the UK stepping up its resilience to terrorism implementing the below:

• New laws to keep people safe will scale up preparedness for, and protection from, terrorist attacks.

• Better protection against the continued and evolving threat that the UK faces from terrorism.

• Support, guidance, and training will help embe