Security Scotland turns 18

Throwback ThursdaypastedGraphic.png

At the beginning of November, we celebrated eighteen years of Security Scotland Ltd.

On 2nd November 2005, the brand was born, a name was chosen, a colour was decided, a logo was created, and a mission statement was written!

SSL where development is encouraged, where everyone is vitally important and where everyone is encouraged to be unique. Throughout the journey there have been many laughs, some tears and an abundance of hard work. Working all hours of the day and night where most unsung heroes remain unseen. We are extremely thankful to have 18 years full of memories with all past and present colleagues who have walked through the door and help shape Security Scotland Ltd for what it is today. 

A massive thanks to all the Owners, Management and staff at Ross’s Bar and AXM Nightclub for hosting the party/afterparty and their very generous contribution to all in attendance.

Chairman Eddie Tobin commented “What a fabulous event to be apart of from karaoke to pizza to shots. It was a pleasure to see the inclusive environment that we have created allowing everyone to be themselves and make the most of their night. I am extremely proud of what SSL has become and the personnel who continue to strive and work hard for the company to improve on what we were the day before”.