Security Scotland volunteers assist Glasgow Homelessness Charity.

Security Scotland Volunteers Assist Glasgow Homelessness Charity.

Last night three of our fantastic Security Scotland team gave up their own time in Glasgow City Centre last night volunteering for our friends at the Kindness Homeless Street Team – Glasgow. They were assisting with social distancing & queue management and also helping to ensure the homeless community of Glasgow enjoyed their meals, courtesy of the Street Team, in a safe environment.

We’ve been amazed by so many of our team volunteering their services and willing to dedicate their own free time to assist the Street Team every night.

A Street Team spokesperson commented “The group used to go out once a fortnight but is now hitting the streets daily to support the vulnerable. With limited resources, there is no longer enough food for each day and the volunteer is concerned about people fighting each other for food.

In the heartfelt appeal he added: “We really need your help, if you can provide any food, toiletries, clothes, things like, Pot Noodles, cup a soups, bread, some of these places have toasters and things like this, any kind of food we can give out on the day.

“Sandwiches are a big thing, chocolate, sweets things like that. “We need toiletries, toothpaste, sanitary products and we need some money as well, we are now funding it ourselves because the donations we get are just not enough anymore.”

A Go Fund Me page has also been set up so the team can continue its valuable work, to donate visit…