Emerging Threat & Risk Assessment Hub

Strategic Aim

“To provide prevention and mitigation measures to our clients with a range of products and services to mitigate the risk of financial and reputational harm.”


Our Specialist Services team are all from an ex-Police or HM Forces background. The team are all well versed in identifying risk and vulnerabilities and through their own special skill sets are robustly focused on protecting your assets and reputation.

Specialist Security Officers (SSO)

Our highly trained team of Specialist Security Officers are routinely deployed into a crowded places environment with the sole purpose of detecting individuals with criminal or hostile intentions by observing their behaviours and activities.


When incorporated with other security measures, our team’s behavioural detection focus can be a powerful tool that can be implemented in a range of environments, as part of a systematic approach to disrupt criminals and terrorists carrying out activities that aim to cause harm to others. This overall approach to disruption may include:


  • Detecting individuals who are conducting hostile reconnaissance.
  • Deterring thieves from targeting your venue.
  • Denying different types of criminals – drug dealing, ticket touts, counterfeit goods.


Our teams usually consist of 2 – 4 SSO’s and would work independent to any other security remit or operation in place at a client’s venue or premises. Our staff can either be dressed in hi-visibility uniform to provide that visual deterrent or dress in the preferred option of plain clothes.


Our primary aim would be to work with you to ensure that your venue is safe and secure and your customers have the best possible experience.


Our staff trained in this field have undertaken a detailed and intense 4-day training course learning the skills required to be a focused, confident & knowledgeable SSO.


The training is very much focused in the world of behavioural detection and disruptive effects. The term ‘behavioural detection’ refers to a method of detecting individuals with hostile intentions by observing their behaviours and activities.


If you would like more information on this type of services, please email specialistservices@securityscotland.com

Personal Solutions

VIP Tailored Solutions (Close Protection):

Provision of personal safety advice, survey of event, route analysis to and from venue. Escorted and management services by trained and vetted staff. Management of safety plan.


Lifestyle Management (Musicians/Sports):

Individual prevention planning and dedicated service for home and personal security. Current threat advice planning. Transportation planning – route access to venue, stadium, hotel, airport. Continuous review at time of perceived risk with provision of escorted vehicle, venue & home security solutions.


Theft & Fraud Mitigation:

Identify vulnerabilities and put in place measures to prevent incidents of theft and fraud.


Matrimonial & Relationship Investigations:

Designated enquiry team submit evidence-based report to client’s legal team.


Private Investigations:

Dedicated enquiry team to undertake investigations – personal and employer.


Personal Safety Planning:

Guidance on safeguarding measures to ensure personal safety monitoring and reassurance with safety supervision in public settings. Persons apprehensive in certain settings about personal safety.

Business Solutions

Enhanced Venue Tactics:

Covert deployment of trained former Police and HM Forces specialists to test security and integrity of event, hotel or other venue.


Penetration Testing:

Test security of premises or event at request of operator providing report on suggested corrective action on physical and cyber security.


Insider Threat Mitigation:

Prevention of loss from internal thefts. Provision of physical and covert techniques.


Security & Threat Analysis:

Prevention and security advice to clients from trained specialists for domestic and commercial premises.


Cyber Crime Prevention:

Using analytical data and subject experts to assist clients to recognise vulnerabilities to cyber-attack and develop mitigation plan.


Search and Detection Dogs:

Experienced dog and handler teams. Licensed to exacting NASDU standards delivering an effective, high profile deterrent or covert information gathering within the specialised domains of explosive and narcotics detection.


Brand Protection:

Counterfeit and illicit goods advice. Includes guidance and strategic staff deployment

For further information, please email our Incident Desk at specialistservices@securityscotland.com

We encourage feedback from members of the public in regards to security and crowd management operations.