SIA Regional Network Lead

While our teams are working hard on the frontline our Management Team are also working closely alongside the Security Industry Authority to help drive and improve industry standards.

Kerry Gibson, Security Scotland’s Compliance Manager is the SIA Regional Network Lead for Scotland. Chaired by four industry business leaders from SIA Approved Contractors across the UK, the Regional Networks are a recent SIA initiative to reinforce and improve standards within the private security industry.

Each regional network will host a quarterly community forum, in which those within the industry will be able to exchange views and ideas on specific industry topics. Launched last year the inaugural meetings covered ‘Sub-contracting within the private security industry’. All future topics have been created with the aim of improving industry collaboration.

The first meeting of 2021 discussed the nature in which security officers and security businesses operate within the industry, focusing primarily on understanding the causes of workforce shortages.

You can find out more about Regional Networks and find out how your business can get involved in the latest SIA newsletter – >