Supervisor & Key Personnel

Strong leadership & management is all about how far you can project your company ethos.

With a team eager to do just that, the last 2 Sunday afternoons, we brought together 50 of our Supervisors & Key Personnel to our Glasgow Head Office to attend our in-house 5-hour training session ahead of our busy summer schedule to revisit and refocus our core company values, expectations, culture, policies, and processes.

The interaction and engagement from all attendees was fantastic and included detailed interactive group workshops on briefings and escalation procedures.

At Security Scotland our people are our product, and we believe equipping them with the correct tools to carry out their duties effectively is our responsibility and key to the service delivery of safe events.

Our aim now is these 50 company representatives project our company ethos to the teams they will lead throughout the summer and the cascading of our key service differentiators carries on.

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